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Marina was born in Moscow, Russia. Since an early age, she developed passion for historical fashion, thanks to accidentally catching “Gone With The Wind” on TV. From then on, she experimented with creating doll clothes based on iconic film designs, using every material at hand from cardboard and papier-mâché to mothers’ curtains and stuffed toys’ skins.

In late 1997 she left her hometown to study abroad, from Latvia to the UK, from Germany to Finland. After graduating she spent the last 7 years in Germany, pursuing costuming dreams and honing her creative skills. She founded her own label "oh, Marisha!" in 2010. Mostly self-taught on design & tailoring, her unique handmade costumes are in demand all over the globe for special occasions, performance arts, grand galas and photo/video shoots. Former contestant on “Project Runway”, Marina frequents historical and themed dress events all over Europe, often as a judge for the Best Dressed. She can often be spotted on historical fiction book covers modelling the Oh, Marisha! creations.

Since 2017 Marina has been exhibiting her works, each vernissage opening with a full costumed show of her designs. Today, whilst still working on commissions and own projects, Marina is looking to expand her creative passion and skills into costume design for film and stage.



Costumier-fantasier Marisha is a seamstress and designer, antique collectress, a scholar of fashion history, former participant of TV show "Project Runway" and overall a girl with one foot stuck in a fairytale world of the past.

This is where little curious Alice meets moon-King Ludwig II and Marie Antionette, mysterious Lestat and willfull Scarlett O'Hara - can all have their dream couture have brought to life.

Here you are welcome to request custom-made historically inspired clothing and accessories made exclusively for you! If you cannot dream it but still want something very special, then I can both dream and sew for you historically inspired clothing and accessories for all kinds of fairytale-minded creatures. This is an imaginative take on couture of the past mixed with own eccentricity.


Marisha regularly poses for book covers in the historical fiction genre and can be hired separately as an alternative model. So far over 100 different book covers have been published.

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